Composite Decking Guide

by Info Homefix

Planning & Preparing for Composite Decking

  • When deciding the location of your composite decking make sure to consider factors such as privacy, wind, shade, sun light, etc.
  • When asking yourself how much decking do I need, always plan your decking to scale. Ensure your measurements are correct both for the composite decking boards and the space available.
  • To calculate the area in square meters, simply measure the length and width of the desired area and multiply together. E.g. 4m x 4m = 16 square meters (m2).
  • Keep in mind, when planning the width of your composite decking ensure whole board measurements are used to avoid the need to cut and alter deck boards.
  • Deck Plus composite decking boards specifications:
    • Length: 3.6m
    • Thickness: 22mm
    • Width: 142mm 
  • If it is necessary to cut boards. It is recommended that a kerf 40-tooth alternate top bevel finish blade is used to achieve the cleanest cuts.
  • If you plan to lay decking boards diagonally, the quantity required will increase. It is recommended an extra 10% is added (depending on design).
  • To aid with drainage and water runoff. Please ensure the deck slopes 12.5mm for every 2.4m away from the house.
  • Deck Plus can be cantilevered a maximum of 21mm.

Installing Composite Decking

  • If there are obstructions in your planned area such as posts, we recommend using a jigsaw to cut around obstructions.
  • If you intend to use a powered mitre or compound mitre saw, a fine finish alternate top bevel blade is advised.
  • A space of 3-5mm must be left between decking boards when fixing (temperature dependant):
    • Below -1 Degrees Celsius – 5mm Gap.
    • -1 degrees Celsius to 23 Degrees Celsius - 3mm Gap.
    • Above 24 Degrees Celsius – 1mm Gap
  • If the decking is against a building a gap of 5mm must be left.

Health & Safety of Decking

  • Ensure the composite decking boards are firmly secured when sawing or drilling.
  • Take care when installing decking ensure to always wear safety goggles.
  • Safety boots are also required at all times.
  • The use of protective gloves is recommended when handling and carrying decking boards and trim.
  • The weight of each board totals 10kg, be sure to be careful when carrying or ask for support when carrying deck boards.

After Care and Decking Maintenance

  • Due to the eco-friendly materials used in Deck Plus, this removes the need to seal the decking and eliminates the need to annually treat the decking.
  • To maintain our Deck Plus range simply jet wash or wipe over to maintain its appearance.