Composite Decking Inspiration

by Info Homefix

Decking levels

Deck Plus boards and Deck Plus Trim can be used to together to create different levels within your garden through creating steps. Because of the new level created, different zones are can now be developed on the multi-level decking for entertaining friends and family in the form of outdoor dining spaces, garden bars, planting areas and raised seating areas.

Decking shapes

When planning your decking why not consider a different shape compared to the conventional rectangle shape. Deck Plus boards can be cut to accommodate your needs and help you create your perfect outdoor space. A traditional rectangle deck can create a classic look while considering a circular / curved deck style could be an inventive way of adding some character to your decking. Composite decking can be altered to accommodate water features within your outdoor space, simple cuts can be made to include any features in your outdoor space and help them stand out in the centre of your composite decking.

Decking patterns

Different patterns can be adopted when laying Deck Plus to create a unique look on your composite decking, straying away from the traditional linear design. Different options exist in the form of laying decking boards diagonally, herringbone patterns and chevron styles can also be utilised. Although this would require some extra deck boards and cutting, it is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Setting the mood for your garden

Decking lights are a great way to transform any decking space and can bring your decking to life in the evenings. Different ways to light your decking include installing deck lights into the composite decking around the perimeter of your deck. Another way to add lighting to your decking would be in the form of solar powered lights and LEDs to attach to the surroundings of your decking. Whether that is on surrounding trees or around the decking structure itself, this is a great way to light up your decked area.