Composite Decking vs Traditional Decking

by Info Homefix

Composite Decking offers an easy alternative to traditional soft and hardwood decking. Below is a list of both pros and cons of each alternative helping you make the best decision based on your needs.

Decking Maintenance

Composite decking is the lowest maintenance decking option available to consumers. The Deck Plus range does not require any painting, sealer, or wood treatment due to the fade and stain resistant qualities. Composite decking will not split or rot either, the only maintenance required is an annual jet wash and wipe over to remove any marks or dirt which keeps the decking looking brand new. Soft and Hard wood timbers will require treatment in the form of wood preservers and seals to maintain its appearance over its lifetime. If the wood does rot and or suffer from fungus these areas can be treated. However, along with the additional work to maintain, additional costs will also be incurred.

Decking Durability

Both Soft and Hard wood timber have excellent lifespan’s if properly maintained, frequent treatment ensures that the properties and strength of the timber are maintained after hard hitting weather. If not treated water can soak into the boards and if this freezes during cold weather, it will expand and crack causing splinters. Composite decking also has excellent durability features, winter weather will not affect composite decking as it will not absorb as much moisture compared to timber decking. The Deck Plus range has an extremely long lifespan, eliminating the need to replace composite decking boards unlike other composite decking options.

Environmental Impacts

Deck Plus has a strict environmental policy in both the manufacturing and materials used in production. Renewable energy sources are utilised in the production through solar panels minimising the use of harmful energy sources. Water recycling measures are inputted in the production to cool the decking as it passes through production, this is reused and never discarded, saving thousands of litres. The materials used to produce Deck Plus include reclaimed wood fibre and recycled plastics. The wood fibre is usually from furniture and flooring industry waste, hence removing the inclusion of wood from deforestation. In regards to the recycled plastic, post industrial and post-consumer plastics are used. Timber decking is created from a natural source. However, in order to access these natural materials trees are required to be chopped down having negative effects on the earth. Eco timber decking is available and also timber decking can be disposed of responsibly while considering its ecological impact.