Amber 2 Gas Barriers, Tapes, Top Hats, Detailing & More

16 products

    Welcome to Homefix online DIY store & supplies. We are pleased to offer a range of Amber 2 gas barriers, jointing tapes, sealing tapes, top hats, detailing strips and more to help you complete your project.


    16 products
    Radbar Amber 2 Foil Membrane 50x2m - HomeFix
    Radbar Amber 2 Foil Membrane 50x2m - HomeFix
    Visqueen Gas Barrier - HomeFix
    Protech GM Protection Fleece - HomeFix
    Neico Heat Gun - HomeFix
    Neico Heat Gun - HomeFix
    Protech GM Jointing Tape - HomeFix
    Radbar Single Sided Foil Overlap vapour barrier tape
    Radbar Double Sided Jointing Tape 50mm x  10m - HomeFix
    Visqueen Pro Double Sided Jointing Tape - HomeFix
    Visqueen Zedex DPC Jointing Tape - HomeFix
    Visqueen Ultimate Gas Resistant Lap Tape - HomeFix
    HomeFix Gastite Sealant - HomeFix
    Radbar Gas Resistant DPC - HomeFix
    Radbar Detailing Strip - HomeFix
    top hat seal with clip
    Protech GM Primer - HomeFix
    20 Litre liquid membrane