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    Welcome to Homefix online DIY store & supplies. We are pleased to offer a range of DIY paving, pathways and patio products to help you complete your project. Our patio products include jointing paving mortar, patio cleaner, salt away, patio sealers, algae removers and more.


    29 products
    Sika FastFix All Weather Patio & Paving Jointing Compound mortar grout stone grey
    Everbuild 401 Brick And Patio Cleaner - HomeFix
    everbuild fungicidal wash
    1 litre fungicidal wash
    Everbuild 5 Litre salt remover on walls, patios and paths, for bricks concrete
    Everbuild 1L efflorescence remover
    water proof Sika Patio Seal for paving and paths.
    Applying the waterproof Sika Patio Seal for paving and paths.
    Everbuild 405 Path & Patio Seal for protecting against water damage
    Sika Mould Buster is a powerful, fast-acting solution for removing algae, mould and green growth.
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    Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner - HomeFix
    Sika Setting Sand - HomeFix
    patio wizard before and after
    Everbuild Oil-Away Spray - HomeFix
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    Azpects Easy Seal BCS - HomeFix
    Sika Block Paving Seal - HomeFix
    Azpects Easy Seal Patio & Protect - HomeFix
    fungicidal wash
    fungicidal wash 4 litre