Validation & Verification

As the UK construction industry endeavoured to reduce the risk to life created by the entry of hazardous ground gases into new constructions it was realised that a major influencer was human error during the design & application of the ventilation & membrane systems. This is acknowledged by both the British Standards & the NHBC.

All BS 8485:2015 & NHBC Amber 2 sites require independent third-party validation & verification otherwise the building may be prohibited from use (Table 7 BS8485:2015 / NHBC Technical Extra April 2016 issue 20).

Public Health England conservatively estimate that 1100 people die in England & Wales each year from Radon related Lung Cancer.

64 newly occupied homes in Gorebridge Scotland have recently been demolished due to concerns about Carbon Dioxide being present.

16 people died when the Abbeystead Valve House in Lancashire exploded due to naturally formed Methane Gas exceeding 1% containment.

To learn more about the Validation & Verification of systems designed to protect against the ingress of hazardous ground gases into new constructions HomeFix recommend that the purchaser / installer discusses their requirements with an independent validation & verification organization for advice.

All advice & recommendations given by any Validation & Verification company are not representative of any HomeFix instructions and are direct comments / correspondence between the Client & the Validation & Verification company.

HomeFix advises contacting GeoShield Ltd, Verification Programs for Ground Gas Protection Systems, on 0113 320 8639 or via GeoShield operate throughout the UK & Europe. (NB: the customer is at liberty to source advice from any independent validation & verification company of their choice).