Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil

Everbuild SKU: 100951
Concrete shuttering release agent

Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil

Everbuild SKU: 100951
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Strike Release Oil is a highly effective release agent to enable concrete shuttering to be removed easily, leaving the edge of the concrete structure clean and well-formed.

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Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil

  • No need to dilute
  • Self-levelling after spray application
  • Non-combustible vapour and is safe to handle
  • Reduced ‘dusty’ residues on the formwork
  • Easy and precise separation of the formwork from the hardened concrete
  • Creates a high-quality surface finish

Available in 5-litre bottles


  • 50-60 m2/litre for steel and plastic
  • 40-50 m2/litre for coated plywood
  • 20-30 m2/litre for untreated timber

Suitable for most types of formwork including potable water structures, not affected by rain after application. Produces a high-quality stain and blemish-free concrete finish with the minimum incidence of blowholes.

Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil is a solvent and mineral oil-free emulsion based on biological degradable synthetic oil and is recommended for spray, brush or roller application to moulds manufactured from wood, metal, polypropylene, ABS, polyurethane and other plastics which are susceptible to long term damage by conventional release agents. 

Using Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil


All formwork should be clean and dry before application, with any residues of rust or concrete removed. Stir thoroughly before application.


Apply undiluted by spray, brush or roller ensuring a thin and even coverage.

Care should be taken to avoid over-application which can result in a dusting of the concrete surface. Any excess material in the bottom of the moulds should be mopped up prior to the placement of the concrete.

For new and unsealed timbers or other highly absorbent formwork, pre-treatment is recommended with a second coat prior to use.

After application, an evaporation period of 20 minutes (at +20°C) should be observed prior to casting.

Only apply a thin film. Overdosing can cause dusting.

Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil Datasheet

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