Everbuild 402 Waterseal

Everbuild SKU: 102348
Everbuild 402 Waterseal - HomeFix
Seals and protects patios and other common substrates from water penetration and organic growth
Everbuild 402 water seal Brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash and rendering
Everbuild 402 Waterseal - HomeFix

Everbuild 402 Waterseal

Everbuild SKU: 102348
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Everbuild 402 Waterseal seals and protects patios, bricks, stone, concrete, render, pebbledash and more from water and organic growth.

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Everbuild 402 Waterseal

Everbuild 402 Waterseal
  • Dries clear
  • Powerful waterproof protection
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Suitable for brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash and rendering and much more
  • High-performance water repellent-solution
  • It May be applied to damp surfaces

Available in 5 litre and 25-litre bottles

Coverage: Approx 1 litre covers 5 – 8 m²


  • Quick Curing Time: Rapid, easy to use water seal that drives within 1 hour
  • Dries Clear: Using a solvent-free formula, 402 dries clear and will not stain the substrate
  • Multi-Substrate: Suitable for use on most common substrates including brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash, rendering and much more
  • High Strength: Using the latest technology in silicone resin to form a strong water repellent that protects against damaged caused by mould and weather

How To Use The Everbuild 402 Waterseal

  1. Everbuild 402 Waterseal may be applied to dry or damp (not wet) surfaces with a garden spray, brush, or roller.
  2. On vertical surfaces, saturate the wall working from the bottom up, ensuring the entire surface is covered.
  3. On horizontal surfaces, flood the entire area then after 10 minutes, spread out with a soft brush, roller, or mop to ensure the entire area is covered.
  4. Two coats are normally required; the second coat is applied within 1 hour – as soon as the first coat has soaked in and whilst the surface is still wet.
  5. You should clean brushes, rollers, and spray equipment with warm water IMMEDIATELY after use.

Suitable as a patio sealer, block paving sealer, concrete sealant, paver sealer, concrete floor sealer, waterproof for render, brick water sealer & more.

Everbuild 402 Waterseal is a high-performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration on all mineral substrates such as brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash and rendering.

The 402 penetrates deeply into the treated surface to provide effective water repellence for many years; is unaffected by ultraviolet light and offers improved water beading compared with traditional solvent-based products.

Everbuild 402 Waterseal Datasheets

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