Bird Brand Shed & Fence

Bird Brand SKU: 103667
Bird Brand Shed & Fence
Bird Brand Shed & Fence
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green shed and fence
grey shed and fence paint
5L shed and fence paint
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5 litre shed and fence paint
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green shed & fence paint

Bird Brand Shed & Fence

Bird Brand SKU: 103667
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Bird Brand Shed & Fence ‘One Coat Protection’ is the ideal solution for exterior timber paint suitable for sheds, fences and other garden timbers.

Bird Brand Shed & Fence

  • Apply with a brush roller or spray.
  • Rich and deep penetrating colours
  • Water repellent in 1 hour
  • Touch dry in 25 minutes
  • Will not crack or peel
  • Can be applied over creosote and other treatments.
  • Pets and plants safe.

Size: 5 ltr

Coverage: Approximately 7m sq per 1 ltr

  • One coat coverage means that one 5 Litre bucket can treat 7 fence panels of 6’ x 6’ size (assuming the timber is in an average condition).
  • Its oxide pigments mean it can cover previous treatment (the final colour may appear darker and need 2+ coats).

Note: Soft wood / Smooth Timber require pre-treatment to ensure the paint can be absorbed. Sanding is required opening the grain of the wood.

Alternatively, a garden paint like Bird Brand Outdoor Garden Paint should be used on smooth timbers and/or where the previous finish is still un-weathered and cannot be removed.

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