Bond-It High Gloss Block Sealer

Bond It SKU: 103837
Bond-It High Gloss Block Sealer
Bond-It High Gloss Block Sealer

Bond-It High Gloss Block Sealer

Bond It SKU: 103837
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A ready‐to‐use colourless, solvent‐based liquid for sealing paving, blocks and patios while also stabilising sand joints. 

Once cured Bond It High Gloss Block Sealer leaves the surface with a gloss, clear finish, enhancing the colour of the substrate and providing long lasting protection against oil and water staining.

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Sika FastFix All Weather Self-Setting paving & Paving Jointing Compound
  • Protects against staining of oil.
  • Resistant to chipping and peeling. 
  • Hard wearing and durable. 
  • Long lasting and weather resistant. 
  • Unaffected by UV, water or ice. 
  • Enhances colour of weathered and new paving.
  • Gloss finish for enriched colour. 
  • Resists weed and grass growth between joints.

Available in 5L 

Coverage: 1L covers 2-3m2 depending on porosity. 

How to use Bond It High Gloss Block Sealer

  • A two-coat application is recommended in most cases.
  • Apply the first coat to the surface with a brush, roller or squeegee and leave until touch dry (usually 4 hours, can take up to 12 hours dependent on weather).
  • Then apply a second coat to the surface in the same manner and leave to fully cure.
  • Additional coats may be required for exceptionally porous surfaces. This can be determined by a small porosity test to the surface in an inconspicuous area.
  • We suggest an area be subjected to a sprinkling of water via a watering can with rose attachment, if the water beads then a further application is not necessary. However, if the water is absorbed by the patio surface re-application is recommended.

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