Feb Febmix DH

Feb SKU: 101331
Feb Febmix DH - HomeFix

Feb Febmix DH

Feb SKU: 101331
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Feb Febmix DH is a mortar plasticiser in powder form for use as an alternative to lime or as a supplement to lime to aid mortar durability. Feb Febmix DH will entrain microscopic air bubbles into cement mortars in a controlled manner as specified in EN934.

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Feb Febmix DH

  • Economical: - reduced labour costs - reduced wastage - increased spread rates.
  • Helps reduce efflorescence
  • Reduces bleed and segregation in the mix.
  • Improved bond. ▪ Improves frost resistance
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • 1 sachet per 25kg bag of cement.

250 Sachets in a tub

Air entrained mixes produce greatly enhanced working properties with a reduced demand for mixing water. Feb Febmix DH also improves frost resistance in both freshly laid and hardened mortars, as the microscopic air bubbles entrained provide space for expansion of water due to freezing.

Complies with EN934-3: 2009

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