Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer

Nexus SKU: 103884
Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer
Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer
Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer

Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer

Nexus SKU: 103884
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Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer acts as a high performance priming slurry for porcelain paving.

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Radon gas barrier 1200ga
  • Single coat application to the underside of paving
  • Enables the paving to be laid on sand and cement bedding
  • Excellent workability and adhesion properties
  • Suitable for brush or roller application
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Two x 10kg bags contained within the lidded mixing tub

It is highly recommended to use Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Grout once porcelain tiles have been laid. 

The ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Primer is an ultra-high polymer and fibre modified flexible primer with excellent workability and adhesion properties. As a single coat fast application, ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Primer promotes adhesion and control suction on difficult substrates such as porcelain, concrete, ceramic tiles, paving slabs or setts.  Using the ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Primer enables the porcelain slabs or setts to be laid on a sand and cement bedding.

Coverage: 27.5m2

How to use Nexus ProJoint Porcelain Primer


  1. ProJoint Porcelain Primer should be mixed with 2.8 litres of cold clean water per 10kg bag.
  2. Remove the bags from the branded bucket and add the water to the bucket.
  3. Add the powder slowly and mix using a plasterers’ whisk.
  4. Mix for 2 minutes.
  5. Leave to stand for 2 minutes. This is important as the process allows the polymer additives to dissolve and activate
  6. Re-mix for a further 2 minutes.


  1. When wearing appropriate PPE, apply a thorough and even coat of the primer as a slurry using a masonry brush or roller to the underside of the paving. The pot life of the mixed slurry is approximately 60 minutes at 20o C.
  2. The primer should be completely dry prior to laying the paving. Depending on the temperature and moisture, the primer will be dry within 10 to 15 minutes, however the primed slabs can be left undercover and dry for up to 2 weeks prior to laying.

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