Radbar Amber 1 Barrier Membrane 12.5m x 4m (50m2)

Radbar SKU: 102113
Radbar Amber 1 Gas, CO2, vapour and radon membrane control layer
Radbar Amber 1 Gas, CO2, vapour and radon membrane
Radbar Amber 1 Barrier Membrane 12.5m x 4m (50m2) - HomeFix

Radbar Amber 1 Barrier Membrane 12.5m x 4m (50m2)

Radbar SKU: 102113
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Radbar Amber 1 Radon Membrane is designed to stop the ingress of radon, methane and CO2.

Radbar Amber 1 Gas Barrier Membrane

  • Robust and high puncture resistance
  • Complies with NHBC Amber 1
  • Approved by UKAS laboratory
  • Easy to install

Radbar Amber 1 Membrane is manufactured from a blend of high-quality virgin polymers, resulting in a robust membrane with high puncture resistance.

4M x 12.5M Amber 1 is 500mu (2000 gauge) thick gas membrane.

Radbar Amber 1 Gas Membrane Uses

  • Gas barrier to restrict the ingress of radon and other ground gases into buildings from naturally occurring sources.
  • A damp proof membrane that protects the building against water ingress from the ground.

The Amber 1 membrane should be used if there is a risk of radon in the area.

The Amber 1 radon membrane should be installed by a competent general builder or a contractor that is experienced with gas membranes.


Ensure that the surface has a smooth finish with no projections or voids - this applies to both concrete slabs and brick and blockwork. The surface should be dry and free from dust and debris. Do not attempt to joint below 5°C.


  1. The membrane must extend over the entire footprint of the building and must be sealed to a gas-resistant damp-proof course.
  2. If an overlap is needed ensure the membrane overlaps by 150mm.
  3. These overlap joints are required to be bonded together with Radbar Double-sided Jointing Tape and sealed with Radbar Single-sided Tape.
  4. Cover the membrane with a screed or other protective layer as soon as possible after installation.
  5. Top hats should be installed where there is any pipework that comes through the membrane.

If you wish to install underfloor heating, this will not impact the membrane.


  1. Clean all surfaces and make sure they are clean, dry, free of grease, mortar and any other debris.
  2. The jointing of all top-hats, DPC, cavity trays and membranes should be done in warm ambient temperatures.
  3. When joining apply as much pressure as possible with a roller to the area being jointed with membrane double-sided tape. 
  4. Ensure membrane is protected with a screed or protection board if the installation is to be topped with steel reinforcement.
  5. Avoid all traffic on the unprotected membrane. Only install the membrane just before the laying of any screed – reducing the amount on unnecessary traffic on the unprotected membrane.
  6. Ensure sufficient screed is laid to protect the membrane. The screed should be laid at 55mm thick across all areas of the membrane

The Amber 1 gas barrier floor membrane prevents the ingress of underground gases from naturally occurring sources such as radon for the duration of the building life. The Amber 1 membrane is also impervious to water, providing a waterproof layer to stop moisture from the ground causing damage. As low-density polyethylene (LDPE) gas barriers, they are suitable only when no hydrostatic water pressure is being exerted.

Radbar Amber 1 is suitable for preventing the ingress of radon, methane and CO2 (low risk). This membrane has been tested by a leading independent research and development service RAPRA, an approved UKAS laboratory. The membrane complies with NHBC Amber 1, BRE Report, and the ground & gas handbook while always being produced within the ISO9001 guidelines and procedures. Also complies fully to BS 8485:2015 for low-risk areas making this high-quality membrane suitable for use on NHBC Amber 1 sites.

Radbar Amber 1 Data Sheet

Radbar Amber 1 Safety Data Sheet

Radbar installation guide

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