Bond-It Rescue Tape

Bond It SKU: 100391
silicone rescue tape in black
blue self fusing tape
clear waterproof tape
red airtight rescue tape
yellow multi purpose tape
white rescue tape

Bond-It Rescue Tape

Bond It SKU: 100391
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A self-fusing, silicone repair product with infinite uses. Resists fuels, oil, acids, solvents, saltwater, road salt and UV rays. For repairing leaks on plumbing and hoses in a flash. It can be used to insulate electrical wiring and it can withstand a constant working temperature of 200C. Simply stretch and wrap for a permanent seal.

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Bond-It Rescue Tape


Suitable for emergency hose repair, pipe and plumbing repair, electrical insulation, wiring harnesses, corrosion protection, sealing connections and fittings, waterproofing, rigging applications, whipping rope ends, emergency O-rings and seals, tool handles and grips and much more! Merchandise available: counter top dispenser, clip strips, dvd, posters and flyers.

Waterproof Tape Leaks

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