Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner

Sika SKU: 102293
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Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner

Sika SKU: 102293
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Sika Brick and Patio Cleaner is a powerful acid-based cleaning solution for brickwork and patios that is suitable for the toughest tasks.

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Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner

Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner

  • Easy to use - Apply by brush
  • Acid-based - Suitable for use on the toughest tasks
  • Economical - Concentrated formula can be diluted to suit requirements
  • Removes mortar, cement, efflorescence

Available in 5-litre bottles

Coverage 10m2 per litre depending on porosity of the substrate

Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner Uses

  • Cleans stains from brickwork, natural stone, concrete and earthenware
  • Cleans stains from patios, garages and factory floors
  • As a stain remover for brickwork/concrete.

How To Use The Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner

  1. Mask up any adjacent surfaces to prevent damage. Protect plants and grass etc. from overspray/runoff.

  2. Brush or spray on the cleaner, working well into the stain and leave for 15 - 20 minutes.

  3. After this time, use a hard bristle brush to remove the stain. Finally, wash down the area with water, preferably with a hose, before the product dries.

  4. Take care not to allow residues to run directly into fresh watercourses.

Please read the datasheet for more information.

Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner is a general-purpose acid-based cleaning solution for brickwork, concrete and paving. Easy to use, fast-acting formula that removes mortar, cement, efflorescence and dirt.

Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner Data Sheet

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