Sika MaxMix Frostproofer and Accelerator

Everbuild SKU: 101209
frostproofer and accelerator liquid admixture

Sika MaxMix Frostproofer and Accelerator

Everbuild SKU: 101209
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Sika MaxMix Frostproofer and Accelerator is a liquid admixture to speed up setting time of mortars and concrete. It can be used in all situations where reduced setting time is required. For working at temperatures down to -2 degrees.

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Sika MaxMix Frostproofer & Accelerator

  • For faster setting
  • Reduces water absorption and penetration
  • Improves workability
  • Protects in subzero temperatures
  • Easy to use, controlled dosage system, so no waste or spillages
  • Fast-acting powerful formula - 1litre treats up to 100kg of cement

Available in a 1-litre bottle

    How To Use Sika MaxMix Frostproofer and Accelerator

    Shake the bottle well before use and squeeze the sides of the bottle to fill the measuring cup to the required dose

    • Squeeze bottle to fill measure cup up to 25ml maximum

    Mortars must be gauged with frost/ice-free materials and the final mix temperature should not be below 4°C before placing.

    • Add 3-20 25ml shots (depending on the level of frostproofing required) to 5litres of gauging water.

    Dosage as a Frostproofer from ambient temperature down to -4°C: 250ml per 25 kg cement. Ambient temperature below -4°C: 500ml per 25 kg cement.

    Sika MaxMix® Frostproofer can be used in all situations where resistance to low temperatures is required:

    • Mortars
    • Floor screeds
    • External/Internal cement based rendering
    • Concrete (not structural)
    • Suitable for use as an emergency repair plugging aid when mixed neatly with cement

    Sika MaxMix Frostproofer & Accelerator Datasheet

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