Sika Setting Sand

Sika SKU: 102399
Sika Setting Sand

Sika Setting Sand

Sika SKU: 102399
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Sika Setting Sand is a moisture-curing jointing compound for narrow paving joints.

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Sika Setting Sand jointing paving and patio joints

Sika Setting Sand

  • Sets hard, won't crack or wash out
  • Resists weeds and insects
  • Suitable for all types of block paving
  • Weathers naturally in line with the paving

Available in 20kg bags

Colour: Buff

Sika Setting Sand Uses 

  • Footpaths
  • Outdoor patio areas
  • Indoor stone floor areas
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Driveways

Faster than traditional methods, it can be simply poured or swept into joints before being saturated with water giving perfect pointing for all types of block paving.

  • Suitable for joint widths of 2-5mm
  • Once cured it will not wash out, shrink or crack over time
  • Resists weeds and insects
  • Suitable for all types of block paving
  • Weathers naturally in line with the paving
  • Suitable for footpaths, outdoor patio areas, indoor stone floor areas, pedestrian areas, driveways and more

How to apply the Sika Setting Sand

  1. Ensure that the paving to be jointed is dry and free from loose dirt, oil, debris and grease etc.
  2. Due to the nature of Sika Setting Sand, some settling of contents will occur. It is important to re-mix the dry material before use.
  3. Discard any small lumps and do not add extra sand to the dry material.
  4. Use in small, manageable amounts and avoid spreading over a large area.
  5. Sweep the material into the joints, making sure each joint is completely filled.
  6. If rain is expected prior to hardening, the surface must be protected to ensure a smooth finish.
  7. Sweep up any excess material immediately as it can be difficult to remove once set.
  8. Thoroughly soak the joints with a hose pipe set to low-pressure spray or use a watering can with a rose. Do not use a pressure washer.
  9. Ensure joints are all fully saturated.
  10. Rinse excess material from the surface.
  11. The finished surface is safe to walk upon immediately after activation, but ideally should be left to dry.
  12. Drying will normally take 1 – 2 days although the time required for full cure is dependent upon temperature.
  13. Clean tools immediately after use with warm soapy water.

Sika Setting Sand Data Sheet


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