Bond-It Tanking Slurry

Bond It SKU: 100350
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Bond-It Tanking Slurry

Bond It SKU: 100350
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A cementitious waterproof coating designed for use below and above ground for cellars, retaining walls, and tanks.

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Bond-It Tanking Slurry

Bond-It Tanking Slurry

logo Bond-It Tanking Slurry
  • High water resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to most common building materials – see surface preparation.
  • Water-based – safe to apply on damp surfaces.
  • Easy application – applied by brush.
  • Resistant to positive and negative water pressure up to 7 Bar.
  • CE Approved: Conforms to EN998-1:2010.

Available in 20kg bag

Touch dry in 2 hours and thoroughly dry in 6­8 hours.

Uses of Bond it Tanking Slurry

  • Tanks, pits and swimming pools
  • Above and below ground walls and floors
  • Cellars, underground rooms
  • Interior spaces, e.g. ducting, party walls, lift shafts
  • Fish ponds

For use on tanks, pits and swimming pools, above and below ground walls and floors, cellars, underground rooms, interior spaces, e.g. ducting, party walls, lift shafts and fish ponds. Can be used in conjunction with Bond It Plug-It (BDH106). Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for full application details.

How to use the Bond-it Tanking Slurry

  1. Mix 5 Litres of clean water per 20Kg of dry bond-it tanking slurry.
  2. Slowly add the tanking slurry powder to the water whilst continuously mixing with a mechanical paddle or stirrer.
  3. Mixing until a “creamy” consistency. As a rule of thumb – when the block brush is placed into the mix bristles first the non-bristle part should float on the surface when the correct consistency is achieved.
  4. Additional water will reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  5. Do not mix more product than can be applied in a 60 minute period.

Bond-it Tanking Slurry Data Sheet

Bond-it Tanking Slurry Safety Data Sheet

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