Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal

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Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal is Amber 1 and Amber 2 Compliant and is used for protection against hydrocarbon, volatile organic compound (VOC) and ground gas also acts as a waterproofing membrane.

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Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal is for protection against hydrocarbon, volatile organic compound (VOC) and a gas resistant

Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal

  • Excellent VOC & methane barrier resistance
  • Amber 1 and Amber 2 Compliance
  • Suitable for both Tanking and DPM applications
  • Exceptional puncture resistance - No protection required
  • Also acts as radon and damp-proof membrane
  • Conforms in full to BS8102:2009, CIRIA C748 and BS8485:2015+A1:2019

Available in single wound rolls (not folded), 2.44m x 41m x 1mm

For further Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal gas membrane guidance contact HomeFix.

Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal Is For

Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal is a pre-applied fully bonded Type A Barrier Membrane (Tanking Membrane) for use with below ground reinforced concrete structures e.g., basements, retaining walls, lift pits and car parks.

The barrier also prevents the ingress of harmful levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous ground gases.

The pre-applied barrier can be used to achieve waterproofing to Grades 1, 2 and 3 as defined in BS 8102:2009.

Visqueen Ultimate Geoseal is a 1mm thick, robust, and chemically co-extruded product, that is hydrocarbon, volatile organic compound (VOC) and a gas resistant waterproofing membrane. It is coloured grey on the upper surface and black on the reverse. The grey surface is textured to aid adhesion to cast concrete.

How to use/install the Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal

  1. Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal should be installed on a smooth continuous surface e.g., compacted blinding layer, smooth concrete blinding or well-consolidated MOT Type 1. The substrate should be free from irregularities such as voids or protrusions.
  2. Where protection against hydrostatic water pressure is required, the barrier should be applied with welded joints.
  3. The barrier can be cut with a sharp retractable safety knife or robust scissors.
  4. Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal should be loose laid on horizontal substrates and pre-applied to the vertical substrate with the grey textured side facing towards the wet cast concrete so that a key to the concrete can be achieved.
  5. The barrier has been designed to exhibit superior welding properties using hot edge, hot air or extrusion welding, therefore onsite welding of all lap joints is recommended for all applications and should be employed when hydrostatic water pressure or hydrocarbon/VOC contamination is present.
  6. Alternatively, when the barrier is used for damp proofing, ground gas protection and sites where hydrostatic water pressure or hydrocarbon/VOC contamination is of low risk, lap joints can be bonded with Visqueen Ultimate Double Sided Jointing Tape and sealed with Visqueen Ultimate GR Lap Tape. When using tapes to secure laps, the overlap should be a minimum of 150mm and the membrane surfaces to be jointed should be dry and free from contamination such as dust or sand. Once the tapes are applied, the lap should be well rolled with a seam roller to ensure full adhesion and continuity.
  7. The barrier should not be taken through any masonry wall. The relevant Visqueen damp proof or gas-proof course should be taken through and extended beyond the wall by a minimum of 250mm where it can be jointed to the barrier with the above tapes.
  8. When installed vertically, the barrier should be pre-applied to temporary formwork or the adjoining structure. Visqueen Retaining Discs are available to provide a means for securing the leading edge of the membrane to the temporary formwork. The barrier should be installed with a smooth black surface facing the formwork. Visqueen Retaining Discs should be mechanically fixed at a maximum of 400mm centres to the internal face of the shuttering using oval nails. A suitable power tool and 6mm drill bit to create a pilot hole in the barrier, should be secured over the protruding section of the retaining disc. The top edge of the barrier should be trimmed to approximately 10mm below the top edge of the slab. Once the concrete has set, the oval nails should be removed by pulling through from the external face of the shuttering. When the temporary formwork is removed the Visqueen Retaining Discs should be visible on the external (smooth black) face of the barrier. Continuity of the barrier system with the damp or gas-proof course is maintained using Visqueen Gas Resistant Self-Adhesive Membrane.
  9. Visqueen Ultimate Preformed Top Hat Units should be used for sealing service entry pipes. The base of the top hat and the upstand should be bonded using Visqueen Ultimate Double Sided Jointing Tape and sealed with Visqueen Ultimate GR Lap Tape. The upstand should be secured with the supplied jubilee clip.
  10. Forming an effective barrier to gases may give rise to complex three-dimensional detailing where it is recommended that welded membrane or Visqueen Ultimate Preformed Units are used e.g., corners. Alternatively, Visqueen Pro Detailing Strip can be used to seal awkward junctions.
  11. If the barrier is punctured or perforated a patch of the same material should be lapped at least 150mm beyond the limits of the puncture and, depending on the specified jointing method, either welded in position or bonded with Visqueen Ultimate Double Sided Jointing Tape and sealed with Visqueen Ultimate GR Lap Tape. Alternatively, a patch can be formed using Visqueen Pro Detailing Strip and lapped at least 150mm beyond the perimeter of the puncture.
  12. Due to the robust nature of the product, the barrier can withstand normal on-site foot traffic and the activities associated with the laying of a reinforced concrete slab without the need for additional protection. However, care should still be taken to ensure that the barrier is not punctured, stretched, or displaced when applying the reinforced concrete.
  13. In high-temperature conditions, the barrier should be covered immediately after installation.

Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal Data Sheet


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