HF CWR Bentonite Membrane

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HF CWR Bentonite Membrane

HomeFix SKU: 100476
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Super Absorbent Polymer Enhanced Contaminated Water-Resistant Bentonite Waterproofing membrane, BBA Accredited that protects against water ingress in below ground constructions.

HF CWR is a Polymer Enhanced Bentonite Waterproofing Membrane with a bonded 400 micron / 1600 gauge virgin PE Radon Proof Liner (ISO/TS 11665-13 Report no. 124037/2021).

Size: 5m x 1.1m Roll


To be installed as protection against water ingress in below ground constructions.

Applications include concrete foundation protection, backfilled concrete walls, against permanent formwork and diaphragm walls, under structural slabs, over cut & cover tunnels and against existing property line construction.

Vertically, the membrane should always be contained between concrete & the retaining structural element.

HF CWR Bentonite Waterproofing Membrane

HF CWR Bentonite Membrane Type A (BS8102:2009) Waterproofing Membrane, BBA Accredited (Certificate 16/5330) polymer-modified, sodium bentonite geosynthetic clay liner with an LDPE laminated barrier designed to be applied in regular & extreme UK weather conditions, fast & simple application.

HF CWR Bentonite Membrane excels as a leading product in the world of bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liners. HF CWR Bentonite Membrane, may be used wherever standard bentonite liners have been specified but as it is created using highly polymerised bentonite granules it also provides waterproofing security for constructions on contaminated land and in low-level saline groundwater conditions (always seek confirmation advice for specific site conditions).

5000g of polymer enhanced high swelling sodium bentonite granules per metre² are encapsulated, due to intense needle-punching, between extremely durable & strong polypropylene woven / non-woven geotextiles.

When applied under a concrete slab or within the concrete formwork an intimate mechanical bond is formed between the membrane & the concrete, minimising any possible water tracking. This application process removes the requirement for any weather-dependent primers & protection boards. Vertically, the HF CWR Bentonite Membrane may be post applied using soft washer machinal fixings.

HF CWR Bentonite Membrane has a 400-micron virgin polyethylene laminated sheet adhered. This sheet can be sealed using butyl tape to form a comprehensive qualified basic radon barrier (ISO/TS 11665-13 Report no. 124037/2021). When applied as a basic radon barrier all laps should be sealed in accordance with BR 211. All UK soils emit the hazardous ground gas Radon.

For added security, adjacent membrane laps can be sealed using a HF Bentopaste fillet or by applying butyl tape along with the polyethylene laminate films.


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